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  • Anti Bullying Programs

    Anti Bullying Programs

    Anti Bullying Programs

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  • MMA


    Learn Mixed Martial Arts Like a UFC Fighter! Experience the Ultimate Total Body Work Out!

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  • Kick Boxing

    Kick Boxing

    Kickboxing is great for Fitness, Self Defense, Cardio Fitness and Muscle Toning

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  • Yoga classes

    Yoga classes

    Yoga can help you get in shape and look great. Make 2014 the year that you get in shape.

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  • Women Classes

    Women Classes

    We offer a wide range of women only classes that will shred the weight off of you and teach you how to really kick some butt

  • Best Training

    Best Training

    Our trainers have years of experience, are very friendly and easy to work with. They show every student tons of attention.

  • Hard Core Training

    Hard Core Training

    If you want to be a pro fighter, just get in the best shape of your life, or just have a little fun. We offer hard core classes to push you to your limits.